Very often, our clients approach us for tips and advice on how to pass their Sound Insulation Test. So, we have created our personal Top Tips to help you pass Building regulations Part E.

Top Tip 1 – Ensure all penetrations are fully sealed where they penetrate through floors and they are adequately boxed with acoustic quilt and two layers of plasterboard.

Top Tip 2 – Avoid the use of lightweight blocks in the inner envelope construction as sound will travel vertically from dwelling to dwelling.

Top Tip 3 – The use of resilient suspended ceilings will help improve the performance of the ceiling partition.

Top Tip 4 – Use a high quality resilient acoustic membrane on top of the floor to improve the impact performance of a floor.

Top Tip 5 – Ensure all support steels are carefully boxed out where they travel from flat to flat vertically and horizontally.

Top Tip 6 – Ensure that you don’t position sockets back to back in partition walls.

There are also factors to consider when it comes to good acoustic design. If utilised together, they will improve sound insulation properties over a wide range of frequencies.


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