There are many ways in which you can add, often large amounts of value to your home, all of which can not only increase the price of the property, but can also make your house a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live as well as a much more appealing prospect for any potential buyers.

How far these improvements can go in increasing the value of your home will depend on the level of home and property improvements you undertake, with larger upgrades and renovations such as conservatories, basements and loft conversions, the so-called ‘heavy renovations,’ boosting a property’s price far more significantly than other ‘light renovations’ and improvements like repainting the walls.

That said, smaller home improvements can go a long way in improving the value of your home, both collectively and individually. When looking to sell a property, it is important to really and truly understand which elements can be improved upon to maximise your property’s true potential, and fetch a higher price for the property.

Redecorating Your Property

Redecorating the interior of your property can go a long way in increasing its value, even with such small and simple things as fixing a wall that has peeling paint. Clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing interiors are all basic requirements that most house hunters will look for.

Therefore, making such small fix-ups around the house can help to improve its value tremendously and make your home or property much more appealing to anyone viewing it with an eye on purchasing it.

Some things to look out for when redecorating and fixing up your home’s condition with an eye to selling include:

Neglected décor will indicate to prospective buyers a potential lack of care and maintenance for a house, which can lower its value and will make those viewing the property wonder if there are any more deep-seated issues to be concerned about. Making these small fixes around the house can help to keep your property to appear well looked after, and attract more offers from potential buyers.

In addition to the simple fix-ups, homeowners can also redecorate on a larger scale in order to work to increase the value of their homes. Replacing out-dated and ugly décor with more modern and attractive alternatives and improvements can help to make your home more appealing, thereby potentially increasing its value.

The amount a home’s value will increase from such upgrades is dependent upon the extent of the redecorating. Other, more major changes to a home’s interior such as breaking down walls to open up more space, or changing other fundamental features of the property’s interior will likely result in greater improvements to a property’s value.

Cleaning Up the Garden

In addition to redecorating, by clearing and improving the garden, homeowners can add further value to their property before putting it on the market. Much like leaky taps and stained walls, having a run-down garden can show a lack of care and maintenance of the property, thereby putting off potential buyers. By cleaning up the garden area; planting attractive flowers and erecting nice fencing, a homeowner can potentially add value to the property.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of a property can also go a long way in improving its value. This can be done in various ways, such as:


Insulating the Walls – By insulating the walls of a property, this can add value by adding to its overall energy efficiency. Effective wall insulation can help to reduce heat from escaping the property too much and too quickly, meaning a home can stay warmer for longer.

Installing Double Glazing Similar to wall insulation, double glazing, both in respect of doors and windows, can add significant value to a property, as it helps to further reduce heat from escaping the house too quickly whilst also minimising the amount of noise pollution from entering the house.

Adding Smart Home Technologies – Smart technologies can give a homeowner more control over their heating systems, helping to further improve the energy efficiency of the property. Whilst only a small number of homes have had this smart technology installed, it could be useful to consider in helping to improve the property’s overall energy efficiency.

By improving the energy efficiency of a property, you may well bump up the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). By moving a property up an EPC band, homeowners could add potentially thousands onto the value of their homes.

Replacing Doors and Windows

Doors and windows make up such an important aspect of a property’s overall appearance. Replacing unappealing doors and windows with attractive ones, can help to improve the aesthetics of a house, and thus its value.

The front door is one of the most defining parts of a house; being the first main feature buyers will see when viewing potential new homes. Therefore, it is important for the front door to look as smart, clean and attractive as possible, to introduce the house well. If you can’t afford to replace unattractive doors and windows, giving them and their frames a fresh lick of paint can go a long way in boosting the overall aesthetics of your property.

Adding Rooms to a Property

One of the more extreme measures to take in improving the value of your home would be to add other rooms, such as a loft extension or a conservatory. In doing this, homeowners increase the overall size and space of the property, and can add significant value to the home when looking to sell any property. In just this year alone, 22% of houses sold have had such extensions added, of which have attracted more buyers and further increased their value.

Regardless of budget, there are many different ways in which homeowners can make improvements to their properties, all helping to attract more buyers and potentially add value to their property.