Whether in your home, office space, or any other type of property, double-glazing comes with some incredible benefits, helping to improve both temperature control and regulation and air flow and insulation. This can all be achieved by installing double glazing whilst making your space significantly more energy efficient overall.

Although initially built primarily to reduce heat loss from homes and properties, there are a wealth of additional benefits that double glazing can bring to your property.

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What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows, or ‘double glazing,’ comprises two separate panes of glass that are fitted into a window or door frame. Once fitted in the frame, the two panes are always separated by a gap of air (or in some cases, containing gasses like argon.) This gap helps to keep the space around the double-glazed windows well insulated, reducing the amount of heat that is able to escape through the window in either direction.

However, as technology has continued to develop over the years, this industry has discovered a range of other incredibly useful benefits double glazing can offer including noise control, improvements in security, and adding value to the property in question.

Low-E Double Glazing

Some types of double-glazing use Low-E glass (low-emissivity). These are thought to be some of the most effective types of double-glazing techniques out there, as it contains a reflective coating that can effectively bring more sunlight into a room.

There are many different features you can get for your double-glazed windows, each one adding its own unique set of improvements to this already innovative method of glazing.

Double glazing has many benefits, and can sometimes offer solutions to other home improvements property owners are looking to make around the house. Therefore, when shopping around for double glazing, it is beneficial to explore these different additions on offer, as you may be able to kill two birds with one stone.

What Are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

Although initially built to reduce heat loss in a home, there are multiple other benefits you can enjoy from double glazing your windows. People can benefit enormously from discovering the numerous different ways in which double glazing can improve their property.

It can also save considerable amounts of money on other home improvements, providing an all-in-one type service that can both be extremely beneficial and very cost-effective. Also, if your property is a new build property with double glazing, it will have a much tighter air envelope and so will display better air tightness.

Heat Management

as it was initially built for, double glazing can provide excellent insulation within a contained space, helping to reduce the loss of heat in the winter (by 50-70%). Double glazing can also help to reduce heat loss when necessary and help improve heat retention when needed, by both capturing and storing heat from the sun.

In addition, double glazing your windows can also greatly improve overall temperature control and regulation, and keep your space cool during the hotter periods. During extreme heat, some types of double-glazed windows can help to trap the sun and reduce the heat burning through the windows.

Does Double Glazing Help With Energy Efficiency?

Due to its incredible temperature controlling methods, double glazing can reduce the amount of energy needed to both heat up the house with boiler systems and cool them down with air conditioning or otherwise. This can go a long way in reducing a property’s energy consumption, making considerable savings on utility bills whilst also reducing its effects on the environment.

Noise Control and Reduction

Double glazing can reduce noise considerably by around 60%, and it is a great way to make your property a quieter, calmer place, especially if you find yourself located near a busy road or street. It also helps to reduce noise coming from inside the property, meaning less disturbing of the neighbours around you, and more retention of your privacy.

Does Double Glazing Reduce Condensation?

Condensation can become a serious threat to a property, particularly older properties that are built with less durable materials. Frequent condensation can cause mould to form in and around windows and door frames and in some extreme cases, can create rot.

Rot can damage both the house, its value and the health of those within it. Double glazing can help to significantly reduce the collection of condensation on your windows, and subsequently stops the damages condensation can bring.

Does Double Glazing Improve Property Security?

As double glazing is so thick (sometimes even utilising toughened glass) it is difficult for potential intruders to break in through its two sturdy, separate panes. This will deter burglars and other trespassers and intruders away from any break-in attempts and improve the security of your home immensely.

Will Double Glazing Add Value to My Property?

Due to all of the benefits listed above, having double glazed windows can make your property more desirable to potential buyers. Installing them is therefore a great way to increase the value of a property.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

The cost for double glazing can vary drastically dependent on the size of the space you want covered, and the quality of windows used. There are many different factors that can change the total cost for the double glazing, such as the material used, and the quantity requested in one set order.

As with anything that varies, its best to first figure out the exact type of double glazing you want before comparing the different prices via online comparison sites. Doing your research is a sure-fire way to find the perfect product for you at the best possible price.