The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that in the middle of a cool March night, RJ Acoustics underwent a face-lift! We are now JosTec. We know that customers old and new may be wondering why we decided to not only change our branding but also our name. Well, here’s everything you need to know…

Over the past 10 years, RJ Acoustics has grown from a tiny start-up offering just two services to become trusted specialists across the Building Regulation Testing spectrum. When we set out on our journey offering only acoustic services and air tightness testing, the RJ Acoustics name was a perfect fit (As you may know, the ‘RJ’ comes from our co-founder Robert Joselyn).

However, as the landscape and regulations have changed, over the years, wherever appropriate, and wherever we felt we could still offer the high standards our customers expect, we have added more services to our roster. Therefore, the name RJ Acoustics no longer represents what we offer as a business. In addition, we felt that the RJ Acoustics naming didn’t offer us a great deal of scope to continue expanding our offering as our customers’ needs grow. 

As such, we’ve changed our name to JosTec.

Aside from our company name and branding, nothing has changed – we’re still the same approachable, reliable and knowledgeable team you’ve come to know and we continue to offer the following services:

We’ve already had some fantastic feedback on our new branding and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve our customers under our new name!